Kate's Bravery

I had met her in my favorite local pub, she being behind it and serving me my favorite libation. She was just back from graduate school for the summer. Kate poured a strong drink and melted me with her beautiful eyes and outgoing personality. It seemed that when things got slow, she would gravitate to me for conversation. Why I did not know, but I graciously accepted her company. As time went by, Kate grew on me. We were separated by 15 years in age, she being about 26. She carried a mature conversation with perceptive riveting thoughts sprinkled with the occasional flirtations comment. Kate was a 'plain' but attractive girl. She stood just short of me, her body being long, slim and fit. Unexpectedly, one day she suggested we go out to diner and a book reading. Kate was studying English in grad school and was looking for someone to join her at the event. I agreed and we had a great time. The evening ended without expectations and we had a cordial parting for the night. Through the summer we found ourselves frequently together, more than I ever imagined. Occasionally, she would drop by my office or my home just to say 'hello'. I expected her to return to school in the Fall. She never expressed to me that she wanted anything more than a friendship. Occasionally she would mention a guy she was seeing at school. I did not pry and I took it as a hint that she was interested in him. As her presence in my life grew, I found my attraction to her slowly growing. Retrospective has a way of clarifying reality. Perhaps I did not notice it when we were first getting to know one another, but I did towards the end of the summer- there was an underlying simmering unspoken tension between us. It was real, it was there and it was becoming unavoidable. One night I was loathe to go out and I invited Kate over. I just needed a quiet night in with a friend and some good conversation. Yes, there were other women who I could have invited over for company, ones more my age. But, Kate was young, effervescent, inspiring and mature beyond her years. I knew there were only two more weeks before she returned to school, which was 500 miles away, and knowing that her company would be soon gone, I wanted to spend time with her. When the doorbell rang, my heart jumped a bit, excited to see Kate. She entered, dressed in a knee length sleeveless black dress, sandals with short heels and a hat with a cute pink flower. Women in hats are very sexy. "My, you look beautiful," I said complimenting her, "I did not know we were going to dress up tonight." "Thank you, you are too kind, " she replied, "I just wanted to wear something a bit nicer than usual." "Come this way, to the deck. I put out a bottle of red," I said directing her along the way. My bedroom has a fairly large and secluded balcony with a great view. On a summer night there is a breeze off the ocean makes it a perfect place to relax. We had light conversation and many laughs. After a few glasses of vino, I noticed that she stood closer to me than normal and touched me affectionately- she grazed my arm, placed her arm across my shoulders, bumped into me when I made a joke, gave me cute smiles and flirtatious glances. Her body language and affection were never as open and assertive. Men like having their egos stroked. Who does not? I did not question it. We stood against the rail, admiring the skyline. I opened another bottle and poured her a glass. "Trying to get me drunk?" she asked. "... and take advantage of you?" I asked completing the sentence, "No, I could have done that many a times this summer, yes?" I asked. A stunned silence hung in the sweet summer air as she threw a coy look at me as if to say, 'didn't you know the answer?' And then, I did. Kate stepped closer to me and came face to face. "Kate, what are you doing?" I asked, "is this a good idea?" "I am not sure," she said, "More so than in the past, I have wanted to do this for the past few weeks. I have felt so close to you." I told her, "I never thought this is where we were going. I have always known you were going to go back to school and never thought more of our time than a friendship. I do not want my heart broken." She leaned forward and pressed against me, "I too am vulnerable. I never expected this either. You need to trust your instincts, and me, 'Ti's better to have loved and lost..." "... than to never have loved at all," I said concluding the phrase. The full moon hung in the sky and a warm summer breeze drifted across our bodies bringing with it the sweet smells of the nearby beach. She looked up at me with those beautiful, and now hope filled eyes, waiting for my response, hoping for my spontaneity. I craned my head and gently kissed her lips... her soft waiting lips... which parted as I approached and reciprocated to my advance. The kiss was soft, deep and rich- and seemed to last forever as passion and fear each ripped at my heart for the foray into which I had just abandoned myself. She drew back just a bit from the embrace of a first kiss and looked up at me from below the brim of her hat, peering directly into my eyes, "I am glad you are brave. I was scared you would deny me." She placed a hand on each of my shoulders and brought her face forward wanting more. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her tight and our lips reunited, this time parting. I could feel her breath as we kissed, her tongue searching for mine, welcoming it as mine sought hers. I could feel each press of her body against mine. I could feel her exhale wafting across my upper lip and hear its beautiful sound as it became more rapid with our rising passions. My senses were perceptive to the newness of it all, and, the newness of it all stirred me unlike any other encounter in the past several years. She broke our embrace, "Trust me," she said as she unbuttoned my shirt and ran her fingers across my chest. Instinctively I reached behind her and began to unbutton her dress. I took it off her arms and let it fall to the ground. To my surprise, she wore nothing underneath. There she stood in her hat and shoes, and I speechless, muted by her beauty, the shock of my find and the revelation of her premeditation. She smirked. "Now its my turn," she said sitting down on the chair behind her and unbuckling my belt and removing my shorts. She pulled down my boxers and smiled as she stood up, prideful of her feat. She proceeded to unbutton the remainder of my shirt and took it off of me. There we stood in the silence of the night, alone and awash in only the moonlight. A woman with a devious smile is alluring. Mix it with romance and infectious youth and one has a recipe for sinful pleasure. Kate placed her hands on my chest and pushed me backwards into the bedroom until I was backed up against the bed. One quick hard push and atop of it I fell. By that point, my excitement for her was evident and undeniable. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it, teasing it stiffer, "I always wondered...," she said. She straddled my hips and I reached to stroke her sex. "No, allow me," she said claiming control. Kate brought my head to her tight hairy lips. She rubbed my head up and down teasingly against them, coaxing them to open. As my cock ran against the ridges of her outer lips, I could feel her moistness. She started to impale herself, slowly lowering herself atop of me then lifting up, each time widening a bit more, accepting my largess ever so slightly deeper. Slowly she spread and slowly she teased me into her. She closed her eyes and reared her head back as I finally fully passed within. The first feeling of sliding inside of her was exhilarating- the first sensation of entry always is- but this time was special. She looked down at me and a smile beamed from her face. Kate leaned forward and buried her head between my neck, shoulder and the pillow, her shoulder length hair draped across us. She teasingly swayed her hips from side to side in gentle motion. "It is so good having you inside me," she whispered, "I never imaged it would feel like this." She changed direction and began sliding her hips up and down in short gentle strokes. As her momentum built, she sat upright, methodically rising and falling in measured rhythm, never lifting herself more than an inch or so off of me. She reached down with one hand and played with herself. Watching her finger buried between her lips, toying her sex, drove me crazy. My hands clutched the sheets as I hung on for dear life to sustain the moment. I arched my back and twisted and turned, anything to avoid the inevitable.... Kate began to quip and whimper. Her breathing quickened. She raised herself off my pelvis higher than before. Over and over this occurred as her fingers strummed her folds. Finally, she rose up, her body seizing, shuddering aloft as her thighs closed tight along the side of my body. "Oh, yeeees," she quietly gasped, her voice wavering as she reached the apex of her ascension. I pushed up and in, my pelvis meeting her lips and raising her up. She was impaled and suspended on high. She squirmed atop of me riveted in the seizure of an orgasmic trance. I saw how pleasured she was and felt how tight it was inside her. I arched my back and hips more, resisting my onrushing pleasure. I felt the initial drops of my seed spilling into her convulsing and writhing body. No longer could I hold myself. The rush of her warmth anointed me. My hands raced to her hips. I dropped my hips and held her impaled as we came down, shaking the bed as we landed. A deep, moving orgasm shook me and I violently released, streaming within her. My hands held her tight. Kate fought my strength as she tried to raise and lower herself repeatedly, grinding herself hard against me and crying out as we came. Piled as a mass of sweaty flesh, the smell of sex lingering around us, she said to me, "Now, this is bravery rewarded....."

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