Warm shower

The two women laughed as they walked past the empty shops that lined the street. Both were looking forward to the night in after this last week at work. Chantelle had hired some videos, and Candy had picked up a nice bottle of red wine, and the two friends made their way to their apartment. Chantelle and Candy, though similar in attitude and their likes and dislikes, were very different in appearance. Chantelle was tall, at least 6 foot, and had shoulder length bleach blonde hair, with pale white skin. Ever since she was young, she'd always had a naturally big chest, and as she progressed in years, her tits did so in size. Now, at the age of 20, she was a completely natural DD. Although her two gorgeous tits had gained her a lot of unwanted attention at school, and now at work, she loved them. She always wore a wonderbra to accentuate their size, and low cut tops were the norm. Whilst she had huge tits, she had a relatively slim waist, that led down to long, slim, legs. As if this wasn't enough, she had a nice tight ass, which was always proudly shown off in whatever she wore. Candy, on the other hand, was only about 5'5, and had an olive complexion courtesy of her mix of Laosion and Vietnamese parentage. Her waist length black hair was always held up by an elegant French clip. Whereas it was always Chantelle's tits that drew the attention from guys, with Candy, it was her lips. They were extremely full, and she naturally had an all conquering pout. She knew that guys fantasized about having her luscious lips wrapped around their cocks as they shot loads of cum down her throat, and this knowledge gave her a lot of power of men. Her body was taught after years of constant night clubbing, and two medium sized breasts sat high on her chest. Her waist was small, and her ass was barely there as it blended into her slim, shapely legs. Chantelle slid the key into the lock and opened the door to the apartment, as Candy slipped past her, and headed straight for the bathroom while Chantelle closed and locked the door. Chantelle had felt Candy brush past, and had quietly sighed as the bottle of red lightly grazed her ass. When she felt this, she moved closer to the open door, to allow Candy room to get by. While she was still a fair way off touching the door, her massive tits weren't and before she knew it, her nipples were being pressed against the cold door. She'd always had sensitive nipples, and even the small amount of cold that got through her black v neck and lace bra was enough to make her two large nipples instantly erect. As she locked the door, she could feel the heat on her breasts, on her face, and in between her legs. She had to cool down, and headed for the bathroom, thinking that Candy was in the kitchen, pouring the wine. When Candy had slipped past Chantelle, she'd put the wine on the bench in the kitchen, and headed straight to the bathroom. Her bladder had felt like it was going to burst for half an hour, and she really needed to pee. She closed the door, and unzipped her skirt. The knee length red silk skirt fell to the floor, and the slits up the side that came to the thigh allowed it to form a little mat on the floor. Candy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her red g string, and pulled it down as she sat on the seat. She knew that she was going to be a while. Chantelle made her way to the bathroom, taking off her clothes as she went. "All I need is a quick cold shower, and I'll be fine" she thought as she kicked off her low heels and pulled her v neck over her head. She instantly felt the cool air of the apartment run over her body, and her nipples hardened again. She shook her head in disbelief, and swiftly stepped out of her ankle length tight black skirt, and open the door to the bathroom. Candy froze as she saw the door open, and her piss ceased to flow as a result of her reaction. In the doorway stood Chantelle, hand on the door knob. Candy instantly noticed that apart from those huge tits of hers almost spilling over the top of her black lace bra, that Chantelle's nipples were trying to burst through the front of her bra. Chantelle instantly blushed having caught her best friend on the toilet, but couldn't get her voice to work as she stood there in her black lace bra and g string. She looked at Candy, who was sitting on the seat with her legs spread. She could see where her black pubic hair would be, had it not been for Candy having recently shaved her pussy clean of the small amount of hair that had been there. Candy was leaning over and with her head up and eyes looking at Chantelle, she could see down Candy's tight white top. She saw that Candy was braless, as she was most days. Finally, Chantelle got her voice to work. "Sorry D. I was just going to have a shower, but I'll have one later.", and she started to close the door. "Why wait?" Candy asked, and when Chantelle looked back, she saw Candy standing up over the toilet, and saw little drops of piss falling down from her slit. She felt her own pussy moisten and her already hard nipples were screaming for release from the pressure. Candy pulled her top over her head and threw it on the tiled floor. "Come here", she said to Chantelle. Chantelle walked over from the door to where Candy was standing naked, except for her red g string around her ankles. Just before Chantelle reached her, Candy reached out with both hands and roughly squeezed Chantelle's aching tits. A loud moan of ecstasy came form Chantelle, as she finally felt her tits getting relief from the pressure. She grabbed Candy's face, and brought their lips together as she probed her hot Asian mouth with her tongue. Candy reached around and undid Chantelle's bra, and slid it off her shoulders. Now, as they stood there, Chantelle's massive tits pressed hard up against Candy's tits, and Chantelle's tongue probing every inch of her mouth, Candy felt her pussy moisten considerably, half with her juices, and half with her piss. She finally pulled her mouth away from Chantelle's and looked her straight in the eye: "I'm gonna make you my personal white slut!" Chantelle looked back at her gorgeous girlfriend, and as she wriggled her way out of her g string, said "You promise?" Candy wasted no time, and pushed her friend to the tiled floor. As Chantelle laid down on the cold tiled floor, her tits spread across her chest, and covered the whole of her upper body. She looked up at Candy, and took in the sight of her shaved pussy, her firm tits, and her sex filled eyes. She breathed in and savoured the smell of her own juice as well as the exotic fragrance created by the mix of Candy's hot pussy juice and her even hotter piss. Candy looked down at her friend and slowly made her way forwards so that she was standing directly over Chantelle's face. She said: "Are you ready for your shower, my white slut?" Chantelle looked straight up at that hot oriental pussy and said "Oh yes!" Candy relaxed her bladder muscles and the hot piss streamed out from between her legs, and down into Chantelle's open mouth. Chantelle had her mouth open as wide as she could, so she could get every drop of hot piss in her mouth. In no time, her whole face was dripping with piss, and she was getting hornier and hornier as Candy showered her. Chantelle reached down with her right hand and started to massage her erect clit, as she fiercely squeezed her left nipple. Candy's piss just kept coming and coming, and she was getting wetter and wetter as she heard her gorgeous friend swallow what she could and moan as she fingered her tight pussy and nearly tore her nipple off. Candy reached down and slipped three fingers into her aching pussy. While this offered instant relief, it sent her piss spraying in all directions, and she felt it run down her legs. Not wanting to deprive Chantelle of any of the hot liquid, Candy removed her soaked fingers from her pussy, spread her legs wider and put one of the lubed fingers into her tight ass. She instantly felt her ass contract around her finger, and her stomach muscles tighten as the onset of her orgasm began. By this stage, Chantelle's face, neck, hair and tits were completely covered in piss, and she herself was extremely close to her own climax. She pumped her pussy harder with her three soaked fingers, and felt her lips tighten around her fingers as she screamed with pleasure at her orgasm. Seconds later, Candy was moaning as she brought herself to climax, two fingers covered in pussy juice and piss as far in her asshole as she could get them, and the last drops of piss fell onto Chantelle's face. She collapsed back onto the toilet seat, and looked at Chantelle who was still slowly massaging her clit, as she licked her lips to try and get as much of Candy's piss as possible. Chantelle looked up at Candy and smiled. "How about a proper shower D?" Candy grabbed her hand, and pulled Chantelle up, kissing her lips as she came up. She tasted her own piss, and felt her nipples harden. "Letís go".

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